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YRKKH 11 Feb 2023 Written Update; Akira Misunderstands Abhi

YRKKH 11 Feb 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates begins with Suhasini begs Kairav to call Akshara if she wants to do something special for her birthday. She claims that nobody knows if they will mark their birthday or death anniversary the following year, which is why she wants to visit Akshara. Manish promises Suhasini that he will make an effort to get Akshara back. Manish is informed by Suhasini that although Akshara wanted to come get Arohi, she chose not to. To see Akshara, she desires.

Abhir enjoys riding a bike. Akshara thinks back to her time with Abhimanyu. Akshara is recalled by Abhimanyu. According to Akshara, it is challenging to let go of the past. She also requests that Abhinav bring a saree for her. Abhinav becomes joyful. For Ruhi, Abhimanyu requests that Rohan bring lavender flowers. Assuring Abhimanyu is Rohan.

The trio of Akshara, Abhir, and Abhinav visit the eatery. Ruhi, Arohi, and Abhimanyu visit the eatery. Arohi appreciates Abhimanyu’s concern. Arohi is told by Abhimanyu that she would have acted in the same way. Arohi tells Abhimanyu that she appreciates him for making it possible for her to join them for dinner. She explains that she is aware that today’s date is difficult to forget. Recalling his interaction with Akshara, Abhimanyu. He chooses to proceed.

Akira, a friend of Ruhi, believes Abhimanyu to be Arohi’s husband. Arohi informs Akira’s mother that Abhimanyu is the older brother of Ruhi’s father. Arohi and Abhimanyu receive an apology from Akira’s mother. Abhir discusses Abhimanyu. Akshara tries to change the subject. She chooses to accompany Abhir to the theatre. Abhinav gives everything he has. He admits to loving Akshara. Akshara is frozen in place.

Abhinav interrupts the conversation by stating that he realises how challenging it is for her to let the past go. Akshara is instructed by Abhinav to let go of the memories gradually. Akshara fervently hopes she overcomes her history. Abhir requests a ride to the theatre from Akshara. Akshara makes the decision to finish the dinner date. When Abhinav sees Akshara, he is entranced.