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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle September 1 2020: Check Today Puzzle Answers

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle September 1 2020 Answers provided here. Who are successfully completed yesterday puzzle try to solve today puzzle here provided the answers. When you played the video game connect theses words you can gain the points for today puzzle. Also we provided the answers synonymous and antonyms and it’s meaning.

Today Answers fo Wordscapes is Dual, Gala, Glad, Aura, Aural, Gradual, Lard, Dual, Drul, Drag. Not yet solve the puzzle provided these solutions while trying to connect the words. Also, follow daily current affairs, jobs news, sports/ technology & science updates.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle September 1 2020

Here it is the today wordscapes puzzle words and it’s synonymous and antonyms. So check now it’s useful for you.

DRAG: burden, bore, pain, sway, hang-up, impediment, bother, hindrance, pest, trouble, annoyance, nuisance, pill. Antonyms for Drag is aid, help, assistance, happiness, Pleasure, good health, joy

Dual:- bifold, coupled, duple, matched, binal, double, duplex, paired, binary, double header, duplicate, twin. Antonyms for Dual is Singular, Single.

Lard:- grease, shortening, ghee, oil, tallow

Gradual:- Synonyms for Gradual is continuous, slow, graduate, by degrees, creeping, steady, moderate, gentle, piecemeal, step by step, regular, successive, Progressive, even, bit by bit, unhurried. Antonyms for gradual is discontinuous, irregular, infrequent, uneven, intermittent, abrupt, sudden.

Aura:- Synonyms for Aura is ambience, feeling, scent, appearance, feel, aspect, mood, semblance, background, suggestion, atmosphere, quality, tone, emanation

Gala:- Synonyms for Gala is bash, jamboree, blast, hop, moveable feast, celebration, pageant, blowout, party, wingding, dance, prom, carnival, roast, festivity, shindig, clambake, stag

Aural:- Synonyms for Aural is Deafening, distinct, resounding, hearable, auricular, detectable, loud, sounding, plain, loud enough, discernible, perceptible, clear, roaring, within earshot. Antonyms for Aural is ambiguous, invisible, unnoticeable, obscured, inaudible, indistinct, obscure, vague, unclear.