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Pandya Store 15 August 2022 Written Update; Sweta Parents shows raavi photo

Pandya Store 15 August 2022 Written Update Raavi sharing with Dhara that she was unable to persuade Shiva and requests that Dhara bring him back persuading. She will not commend her prosperity without him. Kanta’s daughter-in-law says that Shiva is envious of her prosperity so he left the party. In the mean time Sweta’s folks shows Raavi’s photograph to a bystander and asks her address.The man tells her location.

Shiva is strolling before them. Here Suman tells Kanta’s daughter-in-law that her children aren’t jeolous of their significant other rather they support them. Dhara goes to bring back Shiva. There Sweta comes to her family. She admonishes them for coming here without telling her. She says that this is her life and they don’t have privileges to come here to track down him. Dhara comes there. She sees Shiva proceeding to get down on Shiva. Sweta hears Dhara’s voice and gets comfortable with herself natural.

Shiva arrives at the store. Dhara arrives there and follows him. Dhara goes up against Shiva. She says that she didn’t instruct him to desirous of his better half or getting his self image injured to give a glass of water for his wife. Shiva gets injured that even Dhara misread him. He says that he expects love from the young lady he adores. He reminds Dhara that he upheld Raavi all along and needs her prosperity.