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MHA Chapter 306 Spoilers Reddit: Boku No Hero Academia release date out

MHA also called as My Hero Academic (Boku No Hero Academia) Chapter 306 release date finally out. The news episode from respective anime released this Sunday i.e March 21, 2021 Midnight JST, Pacific time is 10.00 AM, Central Time Noon, Eastern Time is 1.00 PM, British Time is 5.00 PM, European Time is 6.00 PM.

Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 306 titled “Opening of Final Chapter”. Spoiler for this episode is Deku has Left Hero Academia. After that he was discharged from the hospital, he left a letter to his friends explaining his decision to leave-shocking everyone there. In the letter, Deku says that he his thankful for everything that has been done for him but that he has to explain his secret.

He says that his power was given to him by all might, which is why shigaraki and all for one are after him. Deku is shown standing over something large with bag and tom version of Torino’s cape, looking down on a city. Endeavor, Hawks and Jeanist are set to hold a press conference, where they will reveal everything that has happened.