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GHKKPM 18 August 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Story

GHKKPM 18 August 2022 Written Update for Episode 588 spoiler is sayi along with baby sit inside the bus, driver driving the bus very fast. Then shouts you drive carefully and asks the driver what you are doing. But the driver can’t listen sayi words and drive the bus fast. At that time passengers feels fear, sayi lose the phone because she sits on the window side and shouts phone fallen on the road. Few minutes later sayi bus meets with an accident.

After that usha watching the news i.e A sad news, the bus going from nagpur to gadchiroli has fallen into the ditch, about 62 passengers were on this bus. Later usha call to the ashwini and asking to her sayi was coming by bus it is showing in the news that the bus which was coming to gadchiroli has fallen into the ditch . Ashwini shocked. In the previous episode virat and sai get enraged and blame each other for the mishaps in their lives. Later virat orders sai to leave the house or save their marriage.

GHKKPM 18 August 2022 Written Update

Episode 589
Season 1
Gener Family Drama
Channel Star Plus

GHKKPM Written Update Today

Sayi booked a cab and went to the bus station. Virat sit in his room and hold the baby photo, crying and throwing photographs, and throws dresses across the room. Ninad, ashwini listen the sounds, come to the virat room and stops him and asking him why you feel angry. Virat said my son was leaving me. Ashwini says i don’t know how it happens but i am trying to stops sayi but she leave us.

Bhawani enter virat room and said to virat sayi can’t listen to my words and leave us. Virat said the relationship with sayi is over. Bhawani said wife and husband relationship is different from son father relationship. Sayi phone usha and informed her my relationship with virat is over and i am returning to gadchiroli. Usha said you must think about your son’s features. At virat home ashwini informed to virat must think about your son.

Pakhi come to the virat room and asking to him phone to sayi. But virat said no. Sayi thinks about sweet memories with virat.  Sayi sits on the bus which travels to gadchiroli. Few minutes later bus meet with a horrible accident, usha informed to ashwini about the accident. Later ashwini informed to the virat about accident. After that virat reached the accident spot and searching for sayi and baby