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YRKKH Written Update 26 Jan 2023: Abhinav insists Abhimanyu

YRKKH Written Update 26 Jan 2023 Tellyupdate begins with Muskaan is informed by Abhinav that his love tale with Akshara is untrue. He confides in Muskaan and expresses worry about whether or not his love story will materialise. Looking for Abhinav is Akshara. If he is keeping something from her, she asks Abhinav. Abhinav rejects. He offers a defence. Alongside Abhinav is Muskaan. Neelima is inviting them for a photo with the bride and groom when Akshara asks Abhinav to accompany her. She claims that the family picture wouldn’t be complete without Abhinav and Muskaan.

Akshara is overheard by Abhimanyu. Abhir informs Abhimanyu that he is being watched. Abhir’s hair is being touched by Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is halted by Abhir. Abhir’s behaviour is comparable to what Abhimanyu does. He is standing perplexed. When Parth calls Shefali. He becomes enraged at Shefali for disobeying him. He intends to reactivate Shefali online. In the mirror, Shefali can see herself. She believes that years ago, she had an identity, but she can no longer recognise herself. Shivu gives Shefali a call. Since he cannot lose his parents, Shivu begs Shefali not to engage in combat with Parth.

If Parth phoned him, Shefali queries Shivu. Shefali hears from Shivu that Parth informed him that she is upset. Parth sent her an apology, he continues. Gagana’s parents divorced after a quarrel, according to Shivu, but he is unable of handling such events. He begs Shefali to avoid a conflict with Parth. Shefali challenges Parth regarding involving Shivu in their altercation. Shefali is urged to carry Parth or else he will take Shivu away from her. Shefali starts to cry. When Abhimanyu sees Akshara enjoying herself with her family, he becomes emotional. Abhimanyu receives alcohol from Abhinav. Abhimanyu rejects food. Abhimanyu is urged by Abhinav.