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YRKKH Written Update 13 Dec 2022; Arohi plans a tour

YRKKH Written Update 13 Dec 2022 is Akshara is asked by Manish whether she requires anything more. Goenkas is informed of the meal list by Akshara. If Akshara is following a routine or not. Abhimanyu worries. He concerns that akshara could choose unhealthy foods over junk food. Abhimanyu is informed by rohan that akshara went for her parents’home since she could become annoyed by his routine. Rohan’s seriousness is questioned by abhimanyu. Rohan depart from the area.

Akshara was given rasmalia delicious by Kairav. Call to Akshara from Abhimanyu. Akshara urges Kairav to claim she is sleeping so Abhimanyu won’t accuse her of breaking routine. Kairav deceived Abhimanyu into believing Akshara was dozing. Kairav is asked by Abhimanyu to put Akshara on a video call. Kairav offers a defence. Abhimanyu visits the Goenka residence. Fear grips Akshara. Akshara is confronted by Abhimanyu for eating unethical cuisine. Akshara attempts to persuade Abhimanyu that the candy is handcrafted and secure to consume. Akshara is asked by Abhimanyu to observe protocol. Abhimanyu makes the decision to remain in Goenka House with Akshara. Akshara is speechless.

Akshara received candy from Suhasini. Akshara is questioned by Abhimanyu about her sugar intake. Angered, Suhasini tells Abhimanyu that the candy is healthful. Akshara is asked by Abhimanyu why she can’t adhere to the diet plan. Abhimanyu was sorry for sending Akshara to the Goenka residence. Suhasini informs Abhimanyu that while she acknowledges his profession as a doctor, she too has experience. If Abhimanyu truly believes that bringing Akshara to the Goenka home was a mistake, Manish would confront him about it. Manish and Suhasini are misunderstanding him, says Abhimanyu to them. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that while she is aware of his concern for her, she would not make light of her predicament. Manish accuses Abhimanyu of accusing them of being unable to care for Akshara, which makes him angry. Abhimanyu.

Manish receives Abhimanyu. He expresses regret for his comments hurting him. Abhimanyu is worried too much, says Mainsh. Manish learns from Abhimanyu that he is anxious about becoming a parent for the first time. To comfort Abhimanyu, Manish. What does Akshara feel like doing? asks Abhimanyu. Akshara laments that her health prevents her from going on a family picnic. Arohi makes an effort to approach Neil. A call from Abhimanyu reaches Neil. Arohi wonders why Neil is unable to comprehend her wish to become pregnant. Abhimanyu is questioned by Neil over a late-night call. Abhimanyu arranges a family picnic for Akshara.