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YRKKH 21 Jan 2023 Written Update; Akshara Recall Her Past

YRKKH 21 Jan 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates begins with Abhimanyu performed comedy skit for the spectators. He discusses abhi ex and her query on how ladies move on. Through this skit he expresses his suffering. Akshara speculates as to why abhimanyu came back. She claims that she was pleased with abhir and doesn’t want her past to interfere with her present according to abhimanyu, life made him laugh after crying so much. Akshara shudders while she snoozes outside. Even abhimanyu attempts to snooze next to a blaze. He fears when he wakes up that ruhi could have tried to call but missed it.

Akshara’s Jam is on flames. Abhinav inquires of akshara as to how the jam becomes burnt. Akshara informs abhinav that she was cooking jam late at night to full fill the the order but forgot to turn off the gas. According to abhinav they are at a loss. Akshara believes Abhimanyu cannot hurt her. She claims she has to move on from Abhimanyu’s notion. Abhimanyu decides to depart, explaining that he is Akshara’s past and cannot harm her present. He makes the decision to depart.

After Abhimanyu went, Abhinav’s thin clock stopped. Neelima requests that Abhinav not keep the stopped watch or else ancient time would return. According to Akshara, the old days will never return. According to Abhinav, Neelima made a generic comment. Akshara makes the decision to repair the clock. She also advises Abhinav not to bring all of his customers home. Abhinav considers Abhimanyu to be a gentleman. Akshara tells Abhinav that she is not speaking about Abhimanyu, but rather making a generic remark. She also tells Abhinav that they are adequate for each other. Akshara adds they don’t need anybody else to do the party. Abhinav wonders if Akshara has a warm spot for him as well.

Akshara thinks about her past┬álife. She believes Abhinav fathered Abhir before she became her mother. According to Akshara, no one can replace Abhinav. She writes a thank you message to Abhinav and admits that she is fortunate to have him. Abhinav claims that after Abhimanyu’s departure, Akshara has been preoccupied with them. He becomes furious.