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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke YRHPK 20 July 2020 Written Update Today Episode

YRHPK 20 July 2020 Written Update Today Episode. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Today Episode start with abir holding mishti photo frame. Later abir phone to some one, ask him to send details of guy who hit by Mishti. After that kuhu, mishti, meenakshi sit at one place, kuhu ask mishti please have it chocolate shake but mishti didn’t responded kuhu call. Once again kuhu ask mishti just drink my self prepared it, i have added brown suguar in this because of healthy. Later misthi asks kuhu you can say anything for me, kuhu says no no i did not say to you but i will say sorry for entire family, but i miss kunal very much. Due to Corona Virus flights are closed i dont know when kunal came here i really miss him.

Later Kuhu asks Mishti why you feel lonely. What happen any thing wrong tell me. At the same time Varun holding a watch in his hand, scold his worker, suddenly varun’s mother came into the scene & ask him what happen. Then varun said it’s joking. Later both varun and his mother remembered it’s been 3 months karan left us all. Later mishti says i will say to abir to speak with kunal. Kuhu say sorry to mishti regarding what happen in maha shivaratri day, But mishti say not about that, Kuhu ask for why you feel sick. At that time Mishti recall the past i.e he hits karan. But suddenly varun enters the scene, he try to throw color on ketki. But color unintentionally spread on mishti, mishti watch varun.

Then meenakshi looking mishti and said what happen to you, But she could not listen meenakshi voice, run into upstairs. At the same time kuhu also went upstairs. Later abir come from outside, ask to varun what happen. Varun said to abir unfortunately color fell on Mishti, she getting upset and went upstairs. Once abir listen what varun said he his also went upstairs to know what mishti do.

Meenakshi said to varun don’t worry it’s alright. After that kuhu ask to misthi please open the door then abir ask mishti to open door. Kuhu said i don’t know why she feel fear after watching red color and why she went upstairs. Abir says i think color fell on her eyes thats why she came here, ask mishti to came out side. Later mishti came outside, sit on sofa. Then abir ask to kuhu please leave me alone for some time. Once she went out side abir said to mishti just color please relax

After that meenakshi said parul i don’t know what happen in this house. Then kuhu come to meenakshi room, stand in front of meenakshi kuhu says i dont know why she run like PT Usha But i asked her apology already But i think matter is something else. After that meenakshi said to kuhu please keep eye on abir and mishti

After that mishti do some work in kitchen and think her self something. Suddenly kuhu entering to kitchen then misthi say sorry to kuhu from last few days on words iam troubling every one in this home. Later kuhu ask her what happen to you why you feel sick please tell me why your hiding me when iam asking you what happen. When she answered to kuhu suddenly ring calling bell, Parul bring a letter, handover to abir. Once after abir open the letter written on it ” I Know your secret, mishti. After that abir check who sent this letter, but who wrote this letter & who sent for my home. After that he asked to parul who given to you. Parul says i don’t know this letter found at letter box