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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 July 2023 Written Update; Abhi, Abhir comes to school

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 July 2023 Written Update for you. Abhinav was sobbing and thinking about Abhir. Akshu asks who informed you that you aren’t his father, that a document can’t decide your relationship, that relationship is strong when a heart is wounded, that we are badly wounded on our hearts, that you are his father, that Abhi is his biological father. He claims I don’t have a blood tie; I’ve given Abhir my name and upbringing, but it’s not enough; otherwise, my son would have been here, because I have no claim on Abhir today. She declines. She hugs him and tells him that Abhir learned Abhir is his father, but he wanted to stay with us because we can’t lose, the war isn’t done.

He asks, “What shall I do? My faith is shaking.” She responds, “I understand your feelings; anyone in your situation would have felt the same way.” He says it’s our tears and we have to brush them away, focus on his interview, they should admit Abhir, give a good interview, and best of luck. He leaves. She puts a halt to him. She says she won’t go alone, that you will accompany her, that the school should know you are also Abhir’s father, that you are my spouse, that I gain courage from you, and that you will accompany her. Ruhi and Abhir are talking. Aarohi approaches and asks who wants to play a board game with me. Ruhi says, “I’ll play.” I don’t know how to play this, says Abhir. They teach Abhir the game.

Manjiri arrives. Ruhi invites her to play. No, Manjiri says, you play; it doesn’t look good when adults act like children. Aarohi believes I can’t ignore Akshu and Abhinav’s pain; it’s bad that you can’t appreciate Akshu’s pain after losing Neil. Abhir will be frightened, says Akshu, because he has a new house, family, and school, and he doesn’t have any support system. If I make a mistake, it will be a tremendous problem. He thinks you’re the best mother in the world. I don’t even receive a false smile when Akshu apologizes. He claims that if we do not improve our financial situation, we will lose again, and that we must both work hard. She claims that we cannot earn such much money.

No, says Abhinav, we need to work to prove in court that we can meet our son’s requirements. She nods and embraces him. She says we’ll take this test and earn money to get Abhir back; I hope tomorrow goes well. Abhi and Abhir arrive at school. Akshu and Abhinav are ecstatic and eagerly await Abhir. He inquires whether I am in good shape. She compliments me on how well I look. He gives a nod. They both smile. She asks, “I have jam for you; may I give it to him?” Yes, he says. She claims I also received chocolates. He says I got laser lights for him, that the school has phoned Abhi, and that it won’t be an issue if I’m also here.