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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8th September 2020 Written Update: Aman finally find Chunmun Truth

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8th September 2020 Written Update YJHJK Telly Express Updates spoiler begins with Chunmun come outside and walking at hall. At that time Roshni making noise with the help of steal bowl & spoon. Chunmun try to recognized the sound, Aman ready with his magic stick to kill the chunmun. Later Chunmun soul come out side from her body and verify the sound. Subscribe Disney Plus Hotstar Premium VIP for Premium Hindi Serials

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8th September 2020 Written Update

In last episode 37 Aman, Roshni try to kill Chunmun so many ways. But finally shayari find the way to kill chunmun but roshni asking to shayari, rehan stay outside and helping us. Later Shayari send a box to pani puri wala. But chunmun recognized some one come to home and asking to aman. Aman says Pani Puri Wala come to home if you want it let’s have one plate but chunmun destroy the pani puri and leave the place.

After that aman try to open the box which is send by Shayari but can’t open it. Few seconds later Aman, Roshni baby arman open the box with his magic skills. Both aman and roshni surprised. Then box converted into dagger, Use the dagger on chunmun but can’t hapeen anything.

YJHJK 8 September 2020 Written Update

Later Tabeezi given crystal ball which is identified the heart beat. Then aman use the crystal ball, Find the chunmun heart beat. This time aman known the truth.

  • Both aman and roshni try to know chunmun truth. Roshni asking to aman how we know about Chunmun two hearts secret. Aman and Roshni hatch a plan to trap her.
  • After that spread the some power all over the house but suddenly roshni make a sound, Chunmun listen the sound and asking who are you
  • Later chunmun smell the powder, Think her self arman come to room. Then chunmum asking to arman come to me, Leave the room
  • Once chunmum leave the room aman verify the footsteps of her realized chunmun had another jinn soul
  • Day changed. Tabeezi discussing with aman and roshini how to trap the chunmun. Other end chunmum speaks with salma, Roshni explains the plan to aman.
  • At that time heavy air flow into the house, All the windows are open. Roshini, Tabeezi try to closing the windows. Few seconds later Roshni listen the bell sound.
  • Same sound listen by Chunmum also. Once listen the bell sound chunmun gets irritating & her soul come outside from her body. Salma seen entire scene which is happen to chunmum
  • Roshini try to find the bell sounds, Chunmun use the spider, Stop the bell ringings.
  • After that roshini reached salma room, Chunmun asking to roshni do you came here to send off your mom. Roshni asking to chunmum please leave my mom other wise. Chunmun says few hours left to save your mother.
  • Then salma try to inform bells matter to roshini. Finally roshini recognized some connection to chunmum with bells, Same matter informed to aman
  • After that roshni make bowl sound when chunmun walking at hall. At that time Chunmun soul come out side from the body. Both aman and roshni shocked what happen in front of him.
  • Later aman realized second jinn if listen the bell sounds come outside. Roshni asking to aman what we do now
  • After that shayari change the FM radio stations when rehan sleeping at car. Later Rehan asking to shayari please stop FM. Then shayari explains what she did for Natasha (Shayari attached a mic to natasha). Later shayari, Rehan listen what natasha speaks with jinn
  • This time tabeezi, aman ready to make sound, Natasha speaks with jinn they don’t know how to deal with chunmun. If they find how to deal with but suddenly mic voice cut
  • Rehan says to shayari let’s inform to aman regarding to chunmun and phone to daadi, Other end roshni, aman hold the bells to trap chunmun and successes.
  • Later rehan informed to daadi if second jinn come outside we will face huge problems. When rehan speaks with daadi suddenly gets the some voice, Daadi went to aman to inform what rehan said but second jinn come outside
  • After that roshni try to kill the chunmun with dagger and thrown the dagger when daadi asking to stop. Later Chunmun thrown net on aman, roshni, tabeezi, daadi, Chunmun catch the dagger and says we will kill you and break the dagger