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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 18 August 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 18 August

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 18 August 2020 Written Update, Telly Updates: YJHJK 18 August 2020 Episode begins with rehan, natasha. Both rehan and Natasha ready their engagement ceremony, Natasha wear the ring. But natasha dreamed her self . Later natasha think her self after 1 hour rehan in my hand. Then shayari come to rehan room along with resignation paper, seen different types of food items, says him self please focus on work. Other end Tabeezi brings Zidra to home, asking to roshini close the doors. Then tabeezi introduced zidra. Roshini said to zidra how can i thanking you. Once again tabeezi asking to roshini this is the last time if any change on your decision.

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 18 August 2020 Written Update

Other end shayari reach rehan room, seen him when ready for engagement. But rehan went outside when shayari enters the room. Shayari put his paper on the table. At that time rehan enters the room, Shayari hiding back side of the bed, seen if rehan signed on the paper or not. Then all are attending the enagement ceremony, Amen searching for roshini.

Then roshini speaks with tabeezi regarding mother & children relation, said i can’t given my child to jinn, asking to tabeezi what are you for me please can do. Rehan went outside, shayari taken papers on the table but rehan came to his room, looks something mysteries, find shayari hear ring, Aman searching for roshini but his PA said to aman press people are attending the event.

YJHJK 18 August 2020 Telly Update

Aman said to him wait for some time. Other end tabeezi preparing everything to transfer child from roshini to zidra but aman seen the roshini asking to her engagement is started soon what are doing here. Roshini said to aman i will came with in 15 minutes and try to phone to tabeezi but roshini says just i call to tabeezi she will be here in few minutes. Later rehan came to downstairs, asking aman to about engagement at that time rehan seen shayari. Then rehan says to aman shayari is here & searching for her