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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2020 Written Update: Preesha, Abir Dance

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2020 Written Update begins with yuvraj. Yuvraj hold the knife and enters rudraksh room when he sleep on the bed, Yuvaraj says rudraksh leela ends today and my dreams comes true. Before that seen all are spend some in the party.

Preesha, Saransh, GPS and Vasudha speaks together. GPS said to his son don’t creat problems to preesha. Yuvraj says how can i creating the problem At that time ahana, mishka join the discussion with GPS. Later ahana says mishka this party belongs business persons but why they came here. Preesha says rudraksh inviting them. Ahana says don’t think badly and check the vasudha saree, Said to look mishka i think silk saree but it’s not.

Preesha says we can recognized human personalities with their behaviors not clothes. Ahana replay to preesha why you getting angry on me. After that ahana asking to GPS and Vasudha why yuvaraj his here. Later vasudha says to ahana we can’t entered your home, I am at Rudraksh party if anything asking me only the person is rudraksh.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2020 Written Update

Other end rudraksh speaks with his friend, Looking to preesha. After that rudraksh friend announced let’s party begins and announced now preesha and her partner rudraksh let’s performing some dance numbers. Later rudraksh come to preesha let’s do dance. Yuvraj shocked, GPS says it’s rudraksh day don’t say no.

After that both are performing dance, Yuvraj, Ahana, Mishka seen their dance performance. Both GPS, Vausdha says they are good at dancing. Yuvraj feel badly and went to the dance stage holds preesha hands. Rudraksh asking to yuvraj why you came here. Yuvraj hugs rudraksh and says it’s your party, Asking to rudraksh let’s change dancing partners.

Later mishka and rudraksh pair, Yuvraj and Pressha dance for ae dil hai mushkil song.  Rudraksh irritating for yuvraj behavior