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Yamuna river is still flowing above the danger line at 205.45 meters

The Yamuna river in Delhi was still overflowing with a water level of 205.45 meters at 7.00 AM. The Yamuna river’s danger mark is located at 205.33 meters. Yamuna water level was 206.56 meters on Monday. The administration issued warnings on Sunday to leave low-lying areas close to the floodplains. Once again the rise in water level raised worries about a potential flood crisis in the nation’s capital and surroundings areas.

Following an all-time high of 208.66 meters on July 13, the river’s water level had hanging around the danger mark of 205.33 meters for the past few days. This increase in the yamuna’s water level is mostly attributable to the Hathnikund Barrage’s water release, which was brought on by severe rainfall in several areas of Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh.

The Yamuna had been progressively retreating after reaching an all-time high of 208.66 meters on July 13; nevertheless, throughout the previous two to three days, there had been minor changes in the water level. At 8 p.m. on July 18, the water level, which had been over the danger line for eight days, fell below it.