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Wordle Answer May 28 2022; Wordle Hint May 28 2022

Wordle Answer May 28 2022 is CREPT. This word consists of one vowel, Meaning of the word is to move very quietly and carefully so that nobody will notice you or to move forward slowly. Synonyms for Crept is glide, lurk, slink, slither, snake, sneak, tiptoe, wriggle, edge, grovel, gumshoe, insinuate, squirm, scrabble, skulk, squirm, steal, worm, writhe, approach unnoticed, crawl on all fours.

CREPT antonyms is Clomped, galloped, stamped, stomped, tramped, trudged, plodded, lumbered, clumped, shuffled, stumbled, stumped, shambled, galumphed, tromped, slogged, sloughed, scuffled, barged, floundered, tromped, slogged, sloughed, scuffled, barged, floundered, trampled, flogged, lumped, scuffed, pounded, clunked, clopped.

Also related words and phrases are Creep, Creeping, Creepy, Creeps, Creepiness, Creeped, Creepily, Creepiest, Creepier. To know upcoming Wordle Puzzle Answers & hints follow zeal study online web portal in regular intervals.