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Udaariyaan 23 December 2021 Written Update: A shocker for Fateh

Udaariyaan 23 December 2021 Written Update For Season 1 Episode 249. Promo for today episode begins with fateh. Fateh try to cover his injured palm with banded. At that time guard comes to fateh and said to him someone meet you. At that time fateh think himself who is the unknown person try to meet me and said to guard i will meet him.

Guard leaves fateh room and fateh follows guard. After that angad entered. Fateh gets a big surprise as he s confronted by Angad at his place all of sudden. Once angad meet fateh asking to him how are you fateh, Fatesh shocked. To know what happen in today’s episode and upcoming episode spoiler follow zeal study online web portal.

In previous episode fateh happens to overhear about a fire attack and chaos near the kasoli market and realises that tejo happened to be there. Worried, he rushes to the market, Fateh save tejo from the chaos. For full story of previous episode Install VOOT Select app or subscribe VOOT for monthly or annually.