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The Vow Season 2 Episode 2 Preview, Release Date

The Vow Season 2 Episode 2 Preview is Nancy Salzman looks back at her professional and personal relationship with keith raniere and defends her intentions with the company, the first witnesses in the trial are called to the stand, including mark vicente and sylvie. To know The Vow Part 2 Episode 2 complete story of this episode stay tuned with official portal.

The Vow Season 2 Episode 1 Recap is Moira Penza and Marc Agnifilo Prepare for trail after the arrest of keith raniere DOS members nicki clyne and michele hatchette offer a different perspective into NXIVM, while nancy salzman, under house arrest, sits down to speak. For upcoming United States upcoming tv episodes spoilers stay tuned with zeal study web portal.

THE VOW Season 2 (PART-II)

Episode 2  Rapport
Release Date Monday October 24 2022