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The government alerts Samsung users to a high-risk scenario.

This week, the Indian government has released another security advisories, this time directed at owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has released a security advisory that identifies several vulnerabilities that affect millions of Samsung Galaxy phones, including both older and newer models.

The security notice, which was released on December 13, classifies the issue as high-risk and emphasises how critical it is that current Samsung owners upgrade the firmware or operating system of their phones right once. “Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in Samsung products that could allow an attacker to bypass implemented security restrictions, access sensitive information, and execute arbitrary code on the targeted system,” CERT stated in its note on vulnerabilities.

According to the research, Samsung Mobile Android versions 11, 12, 13, and 14 are among the vulnerable software. These vulnerabilities are the gaps in the security barriers of the gadget. If a hacker discovers these gaps, they may

  • Steal phone’s secret code (SIM PIN).
  • Shout loud commands to phone (broadcast with elevated privilege).
  • Peek into private AR Emoji files.
  • Change the clock on the castle gate (Knox Guard lock).
  • Snoop around phone’s files (access arbitrary files).
  • Steal important information (sensitive information).
  • Control the phone like a puppet (execute arbitrary code).
  • Take over the whole phone (compromise the targeted system).