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Set 4 075 Answer Key: Check CBSE Class 12 Term 1 Physical Education Answer Key 2021-22

Set 4 075 Answer Key PDF download from official website. CBSE Class 12 Term Physical Education Answer Key 2021-22 analysis provided here. Here it is Question Paper Code 075 question number 1 that is In planning, defining procedure means. Option a). Setting goals, b). Making a policy, c). Formation of rules and regulations, d). Defining Course of Action. 2 question is Logistics committee deals with a). Accommodation b). Transportation c). Medical Staff d). All of the above.

3rd Question is Factors affecting motor development option a). Personal b). Psychological c). Genetic d).All of the above. 4th Question is Standing broad jump is administered to test option a). Explosive leg speed b). Explosive leg endurance, c). Explosive leg strength, d). a) and c)both to know complete exam analysis which is conducted by CBSE check below.