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Sembaruthi Serial Episode 769 15 August 2020 Written Update Zee5

Sembaruthi Serial Episode 769 15 August 2020 Written Update Zee5 Vanaja went hospital, shown the reporters to the doctor. Doctor check the reports, Vanaja asking to the doctor what is this reports. Then doctor says normal heart patient reports & vanaja think her i self i know what doctor says, says thanks to doctor and i would say to my sister regarding this reports. After that vanaja shown the tablets, asking him what is it. Doctor says just normal vitamin tablets, anyone use this medicine. Then vanaja thanks to the doctor. After that Vanaja went to another hospital, introduced her self as Akilandeshwari is my sister and my name is vanaja.

Sembaruthi Serial Episode 769 15 August 2020

Then doctor says ok. Later vanaja shown reports to the doctor asking him what is the patient condition. Then doctor seen the reports says something about akilandeshwari, Vanaja said to the doctor already this reports shown to the another doctor he said just normal reports, i came here to asking the second opinion but you can say quite different information. Then doctor said to vanaja what i am telling to you it’s shown on the reports.

After that vanaja said to the doctor i don’t trust you, i went to medical council then they can said to me what is the correct info & and asking the doctor must say exact information what’s write in the reports. Then doctor revels the secret what purushothaman asking to do the docotor. After that vanaja asking to the doctor if any involving this incident except purushothaman. Doctor says no one involving. Then vanaja went out from doctor room.