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Ravindra asking to dolly to eat green chillies

Ajooni latest episode spoiler begins with ravindra. Ravindra, Dolly and Rajveer and Ravindra’s mother and other family members stand along side at dining area. At that time dolly feels tension, ravindra comes to her and said to poison kills poison. Dolly can’t understand why ravindra said like this.

After that Ravindra said to let’s see today our miss mirchi how to eat the green chillies. Once listen ravindra words dolly and rajveer and other family members shocked. To know dolly eat the green chillies or ravindra change his mind or Rajveer try to stop dolly or not stay tuned with the zeal study web portal.

In previous episode Dolly’s plot to harm ajooni backfires as aman almost falls victim to it. As a clash ensues ajooni decides to leave the bagga house for aman’s sake. Before that Harvinder reaches shikha’s place and plots to kidnap chiko to sway gyaneshwar however, dolly and aman show up looking for harvinder.