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Prime Minister Modi reached chandigarh to pay tribute to prakash singh badal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Chandigarh today to pay respects to late politician Parkash Singh Badal, the founder of the Akali Dal, who passed away yesterday. The 95-year-old politician, who served as chief minister five times, was admitted to the hospital in Mohali a week ago after complaining of breathing issues.

The Prime Minister yesterday expressed his condolences and said he was “extremely saddened” by the loss. Mr. Badal was referred to as a “colossal figure in Indian politics” by the speaker. The Prime Minister described him as a “remarkable statesman who greatly contributed to our nation and worked tirelessly for the progress of Punjab.”

“The death of Parkash Singh Badal is a personal loss for me.” “I’ve known him for many decades and learned so much from him,” he added. “I recall our many chats, in which his intelligence was always evident. “My heartfelt condolences to his family and many admirers,” the Prime Minister addedPrime Minister Modi reached chandigarh to pay tribute to parkash singh badal