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Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Update: Shiva Meets Suman

Pandya Store 7th July 2023 Written Update For You. Sweta asks Dhara how she would survive without Chiku at the beginning of the episode. According to Dhara, if a tree branch is cut, the tree will continue to grow. She can survive without Chiku if she can survive without Krish, Dev, and Shiva. Upon hearing it, Gowtham becomes upset. Prerna is told by Krish that he married Sweta in order to see Dhara parenting Chiku. He is now abandoning her just for him. She raised them for many years. Prerna comforts the man. When the farewell is over, does Chiku leave the house, Mithu queries Raavi?

He wants to talk to him. She grants consent. A mother’s thoughts are constantly focused on her child, according to Raavi. Dhara desires to leave Chiku with positive memories. Dhara requests Sweta’s assurance that Chiku will be well-cared for. She ought not to make him sob. She had to show him her entire affection. Sweta promises to give it her best effort. Shiva then informs Raavi that Dhara isn’t just planning this farewell for Chiku. She is also bidding them goodbye. Raavi offers his apology. She is not the only error there, he claims. Here, everyone is mistaken. He confides in her about his sorrow.

Sweta is informed by Dhara that she called Sweta about it. She presents her with Chiku’s favourite nightgown. Gowtham gives Dhara a hug and promises to be by her side constantly. Everyone, according to Shiva, is leaving this house. After a few days, this house won’t be there anymore. Gowtham discussed it with the attorney. He’ll market the home for sale. Rishita informs Dev that Dhara shouldn’t permit him to depart in the meantime. She continues, saying that we still have time to find a solution before this house sells. Rishita is asked by Natasha what outfit she plans to wear to the farewell celebration. She learns from Rishita that she has a strategy to stop Chiku. Dev claims he has no interest in participating in anything. Natasha requests that Natasha act like.