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Pandya Store 30 March 2023 Written Update; Dhara tells suman not embarrass her

Pandya Store 30 March 2023 Written Update Tellyupdate Spoiler begins with Dhara berates suman that she won’t accept gautam this time. She argues that it is improper because he did not even give suman a fleeting thought before drinking in front of her. Suman’s eyes begin to tear up as she wonders how dhara can still regard her in such an honourable manner after what she has told her.

She apologizes to dhara for ignoring her suffering and claims that she has never met someone quite like her. Suman is instructed by dhara not to humiliate her by offering an apology and that they must reunite the family in any case she beams as she turns to face the entire family and assures them that she is certain dev-rishita and the children would come back to somnath once they learn that her kidney is the ideal match for natasha

Pandya Store 30 March 2023 Written Update updated shortly. For upcoming entertainment spoiler alerts stay tune with the zeal study web portal.