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Pandya Store 12 July 2023 Written Update; Dhara Threatens Suman

Pandya Store 12 July 2023 Written Update For You. Dev and Shiva squabble over who will take Suman with them. They ask Suman to accompany them. Suman requests that they put an end to their drama. She chastises them for dividing the property for the sake of their own family. She claims that because they didn’t care about Dhara, who brought them up, they won’t care about her either. She announces her intention to visit the ashram, startling everyone.

Dhara threatens Suman, telling her that she must cross her body to get to the ashram. Suman reconsiders and decides to stay with them. Suman requests that the Pandya brothers obtain their address from Gautam if they wish to show her their children. Gautam informs them that they will spend the night in the room behind the Pandya store. Krish remarks that it is a very little room and wonders how they would manage to stay there.

Suman mocks him. She claims to have money, and Gautam is accompanied by his mother. Raghesh and his family arrive at the Pandya residence. He inquires of the Pandyas whether they have completed their packing. Gautam affirms. The Pandyas grieve as they remember their time in the house. Meanwhile, the Raghesh family comes to visit. Raghesh approaches Gautam and requests the house key. Raghesh receives the house key from Suman. The latter inquires of Gautam as to whether or not everything is in order. No, says Gautam. He tells Raghesh that this house is his and wants him to stay happy there. Suman requests that Gautam pick her up as soon as possible.