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One Piece 1090 Manga Scans, Early Plot Prediction

One Piece 1090 Manga Scans Spoiler, Early Plot Prediction updates for you. Admiral Kizaru is the subtitle for One Piece Chapter 1090 according to the circulated spoilers. The Straw Hats, Vegapunks, Bonney and CP0 agents are assembled inside the dome at the beginning of the chapter. Shaka and Pythagoras are dead, Atlas and Edison are Hurt and Vegapunk’s Satellites. Only Robin has sustained significant damage from the Straw Hats, as did Kaku from CP0.

Kizaru is being informally informed by Lucci about the inhabitants of the dome. Kizaru is prompted by Saturn to enter the dome using his light abilities. Kizaru, however, notes that Sentomaru is in charge of watching the dome, and if he tries to enter, Sentomaru will order the Seraphim, Pacifista, and Sea Beasts to annihilate all the Marine ships. Saturn tells him that for now, protecting the Mother Flame factory, York, and the Punk Records—which contain Vegapunk’s knowledge and memories—are their three top objectives. Luffy is bargaining with the Gorosei inside the dome.

He tells them that they must allow Luffy’s crew to leave the island with the Vegapunks safely if they want York to live. They respond by inquiring as to the conditions of those inside the dome. Luffy is interrupted by Robin just as he is about to respond. Jupiter, though, identified her voice. Wapol, Morgans, and Vivi are also watching the negotiations from a distance. Vegapunk informs them that they can leave the island on Vegaforce, which is already close to Thousand Sunny, after the call is disconnected.

He must first figure out York’s password, though. The chapter concludes with Luffy warning that a very powerful person is heading their way as he, Franky, Bonney, and Lilith arrive at Thousand Sunny and the Vegaforce next to it.