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NFL Q3 Results 2022: Un-Audited Financial Results for quarter ended 31 Dec 2021 release today

NFL Q3 Results 2022 live updates. Meeting of the board of directors of the company (National Fertilizers Limited) is scheduled to be held at Noida (Uttar Pradesh) on Monday 14th February 2022 inter-alia to consider un-audited financial results (standalone and consolidated) of the company for the quarter ended 31st December 2021, After these results are reviewed by the audit committee of the board.

Here it is the NFL Results for September 2021 in Cr i.e Revenue is 3,690.70, Net Profit is 55.77, EPS is 1.14, Cash EPS is 2.81, OPM% is 5.16, NPM% is 1.51. June 2021 results i.e Revenue is 2,632.39, Net Profit i.e -4.38, EPS is -0.09, Cash EPS is 1.59, OPM% is 3.97, NPM% is -0.17.

Also NFL FY20-21 Results i.e Revenue i.e 11,905.66, Net Profit i.e 249.63, EPS is 5.09, Cash EPS is 11.45, OPM% is 7.95, NPM% is 2.10. To know NFL Q3FY22 Results visit online official website of National Fertilizers Limited that is