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Naagin 6 2 April 2023 Written Update; Rahu, Prarthana Look At Each Other

Naagin 6 2 April 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates spoiler begins with Laddu’s Haldi Ceremony will be ruined by Phoney prarthana’s decision. Prarthana has returned to Gujral Mansion so far in the Naagin 6 story with a phoney wig and accent in an effort to divert inspector Ajay. False Prarthna and Mrighnayna have made the decision to assault individuals in the jungle at dusk.

According to the most recent Naagin 6 spoiler, Prarthna instructs Rgahu to treat her kindly so that Ajay won’t suspect their relationship is a lie. Afterwards Prarthna is given a beautiful performance by Raghu, who then leaves her standing there blushing. The most recent Naagin 6 twist states that Ajay will be shocked to witness when phoney Prarthna shows up wearing a red sari. He is perplexed to find two Prarthna there at once.

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