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Naagin 6 16 July 2022 Written Update; Zang said i had more powerful thing

Naagin 6 16 July 2022 Written Update Tellyupdates Spoilers for episode 45 begins with a mask man trying to kill pratha. Initially pratha feels fear but when the mask man holds the knife, trying to hit her. Suddenly pratha turned as a sesh naagin, Mask man feels fear and naagin holds a mask man with the tail and hits him.

At the same time zang enter the house. When zang entered urvashi, mahek shocked. After that zang said he has a more powerful thing if India has shesh naagin. After that suddenly yeti jumped from upstairs and roared. In the previous episode mehek grows anxious about pratha and tries to get her intoxicated to find out the truth.

Later rishabh confronts pratha and expresses his resentment towards his ex-wife. Before that pratha discovers a highly secured secret chamber in the naagmahal and manages to get inside. Even though she doesn’t see anyone inside, a mysterious person who looks exactly like rishabh watches her from the dark.