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Naagin 5 5 September 2020 Written Update Episode 8: Veer saves Bani

Naagin 5 5 September 2020 Written Update Episode 8 Hindi Serial Colors TV, Voot Telly Updates veer hugs bani, Bani asking him why are doing this. Other end jai enters the pub, veer friends stops him when try to meet the bani. Then after naina enters the pub, daksh recognized naagin enters the pub and said to veer father. Veer father said to his assistant must leave the place. Later naina meets jai at that time off the lights, some one hold the naina mouth bring her somewhere. After that bani meets jai, Jai said few minutes before naina meets me but suddenly missing her.

Both bani and jai searching for naina and jai said initially noor missing, now naina. Other end cheels covers naina eyes try to bring her in to the vehicle to pack some where and fit the bomb for vehicle . At that time veer comes to ground floor, Daksh said to baday papa veer reached here. Once veer reached the ground floor his father said asking to leave the vehicle which consists nagains.

Naagin 5 5 September 2020 Written Update

But veer asking to his father what is inside the vehicle but his father try to avoid the matter. Later veer asking to driver leave this place, Later driver drive the vehicle

Bani changed as a naagin, follow the vehicle and cut the threads which is tied for naina hands. After that bani enters driver cabin dragging him outside then bani drive the vehicle and saves other girls. Later bani informed to jay regarding about vehicle.

When bani try to save the naina vehicle blasted and bani fallen from the cave veer saved her but bani went to unconscious and veer changed as a cheel taken bani from caves. After that persists discussing about naagins, Jai call to bani but her phone can’t reached at that time he got a video which consists vehicle blasting.

After that veer brings bani to his home and think flashback which happens with bani and naagin 5 title track played.