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My Lovely Liar Ep 5 Eng Sub Bilibili, Dramacool Spoiler Preview, Release Date

My Lovely Liar Ep 5 Eng Sub Bilibili, Dramacool Spoiler Preview and Release Date & Time. Do Haa’s room is where Sol Hee is. Do haa’s forehead is being held by Sol he hee, who is also comparing it to hers in this picture. Do haa is feverish. Additionally, Sol Hee attempts to remove her socks and compresses. Do Haa Looking at Do Haa’s face, Sol Hee questioned what she was doing. As Do Haa was still being compressed, Sol Hee also spoke the words what is this person.

Here when Sol Hee Stood up, Suddenly Do Haa’s hand held Sol Hee’s hand and pulled Sol Here So She Fell on the bed Do Haa also put Sol Hee’s hand under his head so that Sol Hee had trouble removing it, Sol Hee Said that his hand hurt Do Haa even says sorry Sol Hee says what did you say there do haa pull Sol Hee to accompany her to sleep Sol hee still tries to get up even though it’s hard in the end Sol Hee says only ten minutes.

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