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Kundali Bhagya 29 December 2021 Written Update For Episode 1143 Spoiler

Kundali Bhagya 29 December 2021 Written Update Tellyupdates: Upcoming episode spoiler out i.e Karan holds his wife hands, asking to her please speak with me. While karan try to speak with preeta all the family members (pruthvi, sherlyn, rakhi, karina, krithika) silently seen what happen between karan, preeta. When karan asking to preeta speak with him preeta can’t speaking with him. Then pruthvi try to spoil the moment.

Pruthvi said to preeta please listen, Karan said shut up. At that time sherlyn shocked. Rakhi, Karina crying. Karan said to pruthvi iam speaking with preeta and she is my wife. Pruthvi gets angry. After that sherlyn meet pruthvi, Pruthvi said to her if preeta take over luthra’s business my plan is failed. Also pruthvi said i can’t happen like this.

In latest episode preeta said to family members i don’t want your sympathy, i don’t want your sorry. At that time daadi, rakhi, karina can’t under stand themselves what preeta try to said to us. Then preeta said i will come here my rights. Daadi went to karan room, said to him preeta again return to home. To know upcoming Kundali Bhagya Episode spoilers follow zeal study.