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Jhanak 6 December 2023 Written Update; Jhanak, Anirudh exchage the flowers

Jhanak 6 December 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates. Anirudh and Jhanak are seated in the mandap at the beginning of the episode. He says, “It’s not right; Arshi helped you a lot.” Jhanak replies, “I get it, but we have to follow the villagers’ instructions. Don’t get me wrong; after we leave here, you go your way, and I’ll go mine.” This, he says, is incorrect. We don’t have to believe this marriage is real; it’s a drama. She asks, “What should I do? My life changed, you saw it, I have no one but you, I can’t let anything happen to you.” The man requests that the pandit expedite the rituals. Tejas advises against calling a doctor about Bhavani.

Anirudh and Jhanak trade garlands. Plays Tanha sa dil hai He thinks of Arshi. Jhanak has the ability to control Anirudh, claims Shrishti. No, this won’t happen, Arshi says. Speak with Badi Mami. Her number is Kaushalya. Regarding Anirudh, Shrishti queries. Kaushalya informs Bharat that Anirudh went with a group of guys. She also shares the news that Jhanak and Tejas are getting married today. Anirudh considers Arshi. He and Jhanak trade blows. How can you support this marriage when Arshi says it’s wrong? It’s true, Kaushalya says; she is fortunate to have married Tejas. Arshi queries if Jhanak concurred. Yes, Kaushalya responds.

You are now husband and wife, the pandit says. Tejas visits the station of police. Jhanak has fled, he says; locate her; it’s for my honour. Jhanak says, “Don’t worry, Rahul. I will find my dad and confront him. Anirudh and I don’t believe this marriage.” He hands her a journal. Take care, she says. The woman hands Jhanak Urvashi’s photos. They ask Anirudh to accept Jhanak as a friend and offer their apologies. Jhanak declares, “I’ll be back; you are all my family and this house is my home.” In the car, Anirudh and Jhanak drive off. She sobs, remembering Urvashi. The man says, “We have to tell Tejas about this because we don’t know anything.” Examiner