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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Kabir plans kidnap

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd September 2020 Written Update Voot Colors TV Episode 62 begins with vansh speaks with his chachu. Vansh said i will protect every person in the family. Then chachu says i like you my boy, Chachi says i know vansh understands everyone, Chachi asking to aryan what are you doing here please come with me. Later chachu aslo leaves the place and Daadi seen vansh. Vansh recognized her and said to her first time i will seen you daadi when you feel tensed. Daadi says please sit with me and said you are the protecting cover for this family and business but days changed and now you married riddhima and you have the family. So you must care about your family also.

Vansh says to daadi i know everything why you said to me. Then both vansh and daadi leaves the hall and Devraj comes to the hall and said because of daadi complete plan changed. So let’s do something differently. After that devraj went to the kitchen and shown haldi to daadi. Daadi seen the haldi and says it’s fresh. After that daadi asking to riddhima for preparing the rasam. Kabir think himself riddhima today is most adventure day in your life. Daadi went to ishani room along with brief case and shown to saree to shani.

Ishani said to daadi i am becomes wife of naukari so i want simple saree. Daadi says don’t think like that and please be happy, wear the saree which you want and come down to prepare the haldi. Other end riddhima preparing the haldi, Vansh enters the kitchen. Siya asking to vansh please come bro and help to bhabi. Once vansh enters the kitchen devraj leaves the kitche.

After that vansh helps to riddhima to preparing the haldi rasam, IMMJ2 title track played. Suddenly vansh listen ishani voice, Riddhima said to vansh don’t angry on her because it’s her marriage. After that anu priya, kabir meets and speak together. Ishani call to mahesh. Other end riddhima comeout side and says i can’ seen clearly. After that kabri shown to his mom chloroform and said to her i will kidnap to riddhima, at back side car is ready. Later kabir phone to ome, said to him i can not attend your marriage. After that riddhima walking towords the downstairs but she hits the suitcase & her head hits the wall and fallen into the suit case. After that unknow person hold the suitcase and grabs. Then kabir searching for riddhima, Vansh seen devraj at riddhima room.