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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20 July 2020 Written Update Season 2 Episode 6

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20 July 2020 Written Update Season 2 Episode 6 Voot, Colors TV. Today Episode begins with Vansh and Ridhima. Vansh said to Ridhima what is hear in room i.e bed, photos and your feeling all are same like middle class feel, You don’t miss that middle class habits. While vansh taking with Ridhima she identified a photo frame which kabir picture on it. At the same time Vansh look that photo frame, walking closer that frame, check it. At the same time Ridhima feel tensed, thinks her self if found out her truth. Then vansh went near to ridhima, pick up photo frame, ask ridhima to how did you know sejal, what is the relaxation ship with her, show the picture to ridhima she with sejal. She relaxed and went flash back when kabir exchanging the pictures.

While she in think flashback Vansh ask ridhima to answer how she know, what is the relationship with her. Ridhima says she is my best friend & we work as a party planner, pick up photo frame from vansh placed at the same place where he grabbed. Then vansh ask ridhima you engaged. Ridhima replay to vansh why did you asking like that if iam not engaged .Vansh walks closer to ridhima, shown the mark of engagement ring mark on her finger.After that ridhima says to vansh it’s not engagement ring. Sejal gift a ring for me. Then some heat discussion happen between vansh and ridhima, vansh went out side from ridhima room. After that Ridhima close the door and starts crying.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20 July 2020 Written Update

Ridhima opens the ring which is gifted by Kabir. After that kabir flaming all his memories with ridhima then she remembered kabir gifted a makeup kit as a transmitter. She opens it, check how to work makeup kit as a transmitter, finally she equipped all things which is needed for transmitter, went out side but suddenly one of the lady worker say some one call you please come with me. After that lady worker take her to infront of Aryan, Rudra, Vansh’ mother

Once ridhima went to their vansh enters the room. Vansh mother says to ridhima do not involve anyone personnel matters, you could update each and every details of Mrs D Souza what she can do, you could not questioning in this home, no one could not allow behalf of you