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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15 August 2020 Written Update: IMMJ2 15 Aug

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15 August 2020 Written Update Episode 29 Colors Voot begins with riddhima asking the question that is misses vansh roy singhania do not have a freedom to seen the house. Later vansh said interested, today i think you feel vansh wife. Then Riddhima says i am your wife but i am not like what you think about me and i am curious about this place that why i will come to this place to check what is this place, i don’t seen anybody here. Vansh says your right different between wife and servant, That’s why i will excuses you, went from backyard. Then riddhima crying, went to her room and remember what vansh said to misses desouza and think about VR ring.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15 August 2020 Written Update

Later desouza bring the lunch to riddhima room, Riddhima asking to misses desouza about statue which is placed at backyard. Misses desouza asking to riddhima are you going to backyard, next time you can’t do this, went out from riddhima room. When riddhima follow to desouza ishani asking to her are you curious to know the backyard details, Riddhima ask ishani regarding the statue.

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But ishani can’t say anything about statue, went out side from riddhima room. Later riddhima went outside, vansh said to anger asking please excuse first mistake and she don’t know details of statue, if anyone try to know details statue & thrown the ball. Other end riddhima listen what vansh said to anger.

IMMJ2 15 August 2020 Written Update

After that vansh said good morning to riddhima, relax sweet heart why are you feel fear, wear the VR ring to the riddhima hand, says this ring is very special to me and i hope you respect the gift. Then riddhima think her self why vansh given this ring to me, i don’t understand and remembered kabir. After that riddhima went to siya room, to says some excises to her, Siya seen the VR Ring, asking to riddhima how did you get this. Riddhima says your brother gifted to me. Siya gets shocked asking to riddhima about the statue. Then riddhima asking to siya what is story behind the statue. Then siya try to says about statue but vansh mother came to siya room please behave like vansh wife