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In my third innings, India’s economy will rank third, according to PM Modi

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated his “guarantee” to make the nation the third greatest economic superpower during his third term in office and enumerated the “four castes” he wishes to empower. While speaking at a rally in his parliamentary district, Prime Minister Modi mentioned the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, in which he plans to run for a third term in power.

“The entire Purvanchal region was neglected for decades.” Modi is working to serve you with Mahadev’s blessings, he declared during the occasion where he unveiled development projects valued at more than ₹ 19,000 crore. “The entire nation will be holding elections in a few months. Additionally, Modi promised the nation that, in his third term, he will elevate India to the rank of the third-largest economic superpower in the world.

The prime minister stated that women’s power, youth power, farmers’ power, and the poor’s power must all be cultivated for an India that is developed. These four categories have been referred to by the PM as the sole “castes” on which the government ought to concentrate. These four ‘castes’ are the largest castes in my opinion. The country as a whole will gain power if these four castes gain it, he declared.