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ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Semester 2 Answer Key 2022, Exam Analysis Live Updates

ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Semester 2 Answer Key available only on official website So students when solution key set wise is out verify via CISCE portal. Today CISCE conducted Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education Mathematics Examination Year 2022, Semester 2 today May 2nd. Exam duration is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Here it is the question 1 is The probability of getting a number divisible by 3 in throwing a dice is. Option a is 1/6, b is 1/3, c is 1/2, d is 2/3. The volume of a conical tent is 462 m3 and the area of the base is 154 m2. The height of the cone is a. 15 m, b. 12 m, c. 9 m, d. 24 m. Another question is A lighthouse is 80 m high. The angle of elevation of its top from a point 80 m away from its foot along the same horizontal line is.

Another question is The modal class of a given distribution always corresponds to the. Option a is interval with highest frequency, b. interval with lowest frequency c. the first interval d). the last interval. To know upcoming exam solutions update follow zeal study web portal.