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GHKKPM 30 March 2023 Written Update; Patralekha waiting for virat

GHKKPM 30 March 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates spoiler begins with the virat explaining to bhavani that sai is his affection and patralekha is his duty and that he cannot fail patralekha. He admits that being apart from sai is chewing him up inside, but he is powerless right now. When bhavani questions him if he well eventually forget sai. He responds that sai is like blood to him and he will never be able to forget her.

Hearing Virat’s emotions, Bhavani advises him to get rid of Ptralekha because he will not be doing anyone any favours by continuing to live in this manner. Virat experiences an internal shock and spends the remaining distance considering Bhavani’s advice. When Virat gets home, Patralekha is waiting for him in his chamber. He informs her that he is ashamed of what she did today as he casts a disgusted glance her way.

GHKKPM 30 March 2023 Written Update for today’s episode provided shortly. To know upcoming episode spoiler info stay tuned with the zeal study web portal.