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GHKKPM 18 March 2021 Written Update: Bhawani, Ninad, Omkar played key role for Pulkit Kidnapping Drama

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein GHKKPM 18 March 2021 Episode 142 begins with sonali speaking with herself and says karishma when you return to home and when i am taking rest from this house work. At that time karishma return to home, sonali asking to karishma why wouldn’t informed to me. Then karishma says if i am informed to you you don’t feel surprise so that’s why i can’t informed you.

Then bhawani comes to downstairs said to karishma pakhi went to her home so you have to do her work also. Then karishma shocked. Bhawani asking to ashwini did you know anything about pulkit. Ashwini said pulkit couldn’t lift phone. After that someone ring the calling bell, Usha open the door. Sayi return to home and devi comes from upstairs said to sayi my pulkit comes to home. Then sayi said he can not come to home.

Later bhawani asking to sayi you informed to pulkit may i call him. Sayi said no because he couldn’t lif the phone. Then omkar said why he come here because if come here we know about his truth, Bhawani said to omkar, ninad i think you don’t interested this marriage. Then ninad said to bhawani pulkit know the truth i.e we know about his marriage with sangeetha that’s why he can’t return to home.

Bhawani asking to ninad how pulkit know the truth, Sayi said to bhawani i will informed to him, Devi angry on ninad. Then ninad said to devi your mom can not understand about pulkit, Devi said no my mom understand everything and your are cheaters. After that bhawani said if pulkit interested for this marriage he will come.

At that time kidnapper send a message to sayi with pulkit phone i.e iam not met with bhawani. Sayi informed to bhawani pulkit couldn’t meet us. Then sayi phone to pulkit phone, kidnapper informed to pulkit sayi phone to you and cut the phone. Again sayi phone to pulkit, Ninad and Omkar seen from upstairs when sayi phone to pulkit.

This time pulkit phone getting switch off message, Karishma smiles. Ninad, Omkar comes to their room, Ninad said to omkar when sayi phone to pulkit bhawani bhabhi feels tension. At that time bhawani comes to ninad room, ninad said to bhawani your plan is excellent. Then bhawani said about sayi trust me and she think i will accepted for this marriage.

After that omkar explains to bhawani how he changed pulkit profile i.e Omkar went to sayi college and speaking with administration to change the file and replace Sangeetha Deshpande file in place of devyani, give money to administration.