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Dirty Linen March 3 2023; Previous Episode Recap

Dirty Linen March 3 2023 aired on today 9.30 PM. In previous epoisode 28 which is aired on yesterday Chiara lashes out at mila after Leona chastises her when the maid’s abrupt return to the Fiero family raises questions about Aidan. Carlos witnesses his wife snooping out of the house late at night.

Once Aidan suddenly comes to her rescue, Mila seizes the chance to persuade him of her innocence. Chaira and Tonet’s competition is getting more intense. Aidan hears of Mila’s disappearance as the former maid struggles valiantly to escape the fieros’ grasp. Chiara returns to San Fermin only to see Nico and Tonet together as she approaches.

Dirty Linen Episode 30 Aired Today
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