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Bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 1 Telugu Written Update 6 September 2020

Bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 1 Telugu aired today on Star Maa, Disney Hotstar Plus. In today’s episode Southern Actor King Nagarjuna performing his block bluster movie songs i.e King, Mass, Santhosham, Nenunnanu. Later Nagarjuna father role enters the set and asking Nagarjuna to shown Bigg Boss House. Then after King asking permission to Bigg Boss to nagarjuna father role enter the house. Bigg Boss given permission to father role.

After that Nagarjuna father check the complete BB4 house and asking some questions to the House. Few minutes later Bigg Boss said thanks to father role. Later Nagarjuna start the show and revel the Star Maa New logo. In this logo Star written in English words and Maa words written in telugu.

Bigg Boss Season 4 Episode 1 Telugu

After that King Nagarjuna introduced 1st BB4 contestant Monal Gajjar. She enters the house with mahesh babu daang daang song. Once dance performance completed Nagarjuna asking her do you know telugu. Monal Gajjar says little bit and explain why she came for BB4, Enters the house and said Govinda, Govinda.

Then after Nagarjuna introduced 2 housemate Surya Kiran ( Surya Kiran is satyam movie director). Later surya kiran enters the house, introduced himself to monal gajjar as a director.

At this time Nagarjuna introduced third housemate. 3rd Housemate is Anchor Lasya. Once she enters the set Nagarjuna given gift to lasya. Later she enters bigg boss house, Both surya kiran and monal gajjar introduced

Fourth Contestant life is beautiful actor Abijeet enters the set. King nag asking him about Feature projects and asking to participate a quiz contest. Then on the screen shown kaja, pooja, tamannah photos asking to abijeet who will marry you. Abijeet said i am date with kajal. The he went to the house, Introduced himself with other participants

At this time Nagarjuna given opportunities to first 4 participants to select the next participants, Participants go to the garden try to select next participants. Director surya kiran selected number 6 box, Lasya selected 5 box, Abjeet selected 3 box, Monal Gajjar selected 4 box.

Now Nagarjuna asking to open the boxes and shown the properties which placed in the boxes. All the participants open the boxes and shown the properties to Nagarjuna.

Monal Gajjar explains his father death to Suresh Kumar and how she entering the modeling field. Now Nagarjuna introduced fifth participant her name is sujatha. Once she enters the set Nagarjuna asking to her how you speak with your be loved on. Then she speak with nagarjuna. Later nagarjuna asking to her if she angry.