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Bhagya Lakshmi 8 August 2023 Written Update; Rishi hits goons

Bhagya Lakshmi 8 August 2023 Written Update for Episode 663. Both varun and lakshmi standing at marriage mandap. At that time lakshmi said to family members i have promised to the rishi that i will support him always. When lakshmi speaking about rishi varun getting worried. At the same time rishi gets conscious and hits goons outside the function area.

After that lakshmi decided and informed to the family members i have to go to rishi, Varun gets confused and think himself what’s going here now. Then lakshmi remove her hands from varun hands and running towards to rishi. Rishi enter the mandap. All the family members seen him and gets shocked. Then lakshmi hugs rishi. Rishi looks lakshmi side.

In previous episode They don’t want Anjana to be so close to Rishi, even though she knows their relationship is pure. She requests that she perform the marriage. Vikrant adds that first the marriage must be completed, and then we would go save Rishi.