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Bhagya Lakshmi 31 July 2023 Written Update; Jiju might be in trouble.

Bhagya Lakshmi 31 July 2023 Written Update Tellyupdates for Episode 655. Episode spoiler begins with the ayush, shalu. At their room shalu informed to the ayush may be jiju might be in trouble. Then ayush feels tension and think himself what i can do now. Shalu still speaking with him about jiju incident.

Other side Kiran asks malishka about neelam and says she went to her room. After that Malisha is shocked. Neelam comes to rishi’s room calling him. Vikrant shocked once listen neelam voice at rishi room. To know upcoming episode complete spoiler and other Zee5 hindi serieal written episode updates stay tuned with zeal study web portal in regular intervals.

In previous episode Rishi informs Malisha that he discovered the truth about Vikrant—he is already married. Malishka is incredulous. Rishi can risk his life to save Lakshmi, thus Ayush urges Shalu to have faith in him. He promises to arrive without a doubt to save Lakshmi. When Rishi tries to return home, vikrant’s thugs stop him.