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Batang Quiapo February 27 2023; Don Julio Devises A Plan

Batang Quiapo February 27 2023 spoiler is After learning of tanggol’s bullet wound, Rigor begins to doubt him. On the other side, Tanggol promises to make amends with the Tondo gang. Don Julio comes up with a strategy to permanently keep Ramon out of the spotlight. Keep checking the official portal for information on forthcoming episode spoilers.

In previous episode Despite being hurt, Tanggol decides to ignore Abdul’s advise and return home. As Ramon tells don Julio the truth about his lost son, the Montenegrin patriarch confronts Olga. Before that with the support of Lucio’s gang, Supremo sets his sights on getting back at the people responsible for his imprisonment. Unaware of Tanggol’s Condition, Rigor Warns Marties about Ramon’s Possible Return.

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