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Barrister Babu 12 August 2020 Written Update: Bondita Problem Solved

Barrister Babu 12 August 2020 Written Update Colors, Voot Telly Updates. Barrister Babu Episode 64 begins with anirudh. Anirudh and his father & uncle trilochan along with moni standing outside the bondita room. Anirudh asking to bondita came outside. Anirudh asking to bondita if problem solved knock the doors two times or if bed wetting problem not solved knock the door one time. Then bondita knock the door two times. Anirudh smiled and asking to bondita you knock the door two times. Then bondita says bed wetting problem is solved, If can’t trust me please came and check my room. Anirudh opens the door, Seen the bed smiled him self.

Barrister Babu 12 August 2020 Written Update

Bondita smiled after watching anirudh, claps together. After that binoy roy shocked. Then bondita said to anirudh iam very happy today, Later anirudh said we won both together, you can’t go anyway now. Later bondita asking to anirudh now i will eat more sweets or not. Anirudh says yes you can eat more sweets now, later both anirudh and bondita performing dance, trilochan angry on both anirudh, bondita and asking to stop the dance, asking to came down to do maha pooja. After that saudamini think her self what binoy roy said. Then trilochan said thanks to durga matha to solve the bondita problem.

Barrister Babu 12 August 2020 Telly Update.

Later trilochan asking to poojari something at that time bondita taking pooja kalash to attend the pooja. After that trilochan asking to poojari please start the pooja. Then maha poojari start the pooja, tell the ekadashi story to bondita. At that time trilochan said to bondita please went to anirudh room and arranged his dress for pooja. At that time saudamini asking to anirudh how to solve the bondita problem. Then bondita went anirudh room searching for nice dress. When bondita try to searching for dress she find magician dress, think her self why magician dress here in this couch. Later she realized anirudh act as a magician to do the magic. After that bondita meets bihari asking to him where is barrister babu. Then bihari says anirudh at trilochan room. Bondita went to trilochan room but trilochan asking to do namaskar to poojari.

Also, bondita to do namaskar to poojari. When bondita to do namaskar both anirudh and trilochan went outside. Again bondita searching for barrister babu.