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Anupama Upcoming Twist 16 September 2023; Malti Devi behaves weird

Anupama Upcoming Twist 16 September 2023 for you. Malti Devi shouts can’t do anything after when glass is broken. At that time anupama, adhik and pakhi, barkha, anuj come out from their rooms, comes to the malti devi. Anupama seen broken glass particles and said to malti devi it’s ok. At that time malti devi behaves weird.

After that malti devi walked on glass particles and held anuj hands and asked him to take her to the house. Once malti devi holds anuj hands anuj think himself why malti devi behaves like this. Anupama, Adhik, Barkha also think themselves why MD behave like this. To know what happened the upcoming episode stay tuned with the zeal study web portal.

Anupama previous episode that is 1045 (Pakhi to Forgive Romil) synopsis is when the police arrive, pakhi asks them to leave as she wants to give romil a second chance. Anupama and anuj take malti devi to the doctor’s chamber.