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Anupama 8 December 2021 Written Update: A close call for Anuj meets with an accident

Anupama 8 December 2021 Written Update tellyupdates for Episode 441. Today episode begins with anuj. Anuj drops anu at her home. When anu left the car anuj said don’t think much go and sleep well. Anu said only god set all things right. At home kavya seen her marriage photo and speak with herself i.e i don’t have parents and friends and shah now you also try to leave me because of that i will die. Also kavya remembered anu words and clean the room. At car anu said speak with anuj about her family and vanraj. Anuj try to divert the matter and said to anu i know you cook very well.

Anupama 8 December 2021 Written Update

Anu know anuj divert the matter and smile each other. After that anuj said to anu tomorrow we went outside Ahmadabad to check our new project. Anu said ok and asking to anuj please drive the safe. Leela seen kavya room and given prasad to kavya and set the kavya room, Kavya said thank to baa. When leela try to leave the room kavya said to leela please informed to shah don’t given divorce to me. Other end anu gets voice message from shah. Anu listen shah message and think herself i will seen what happen now. Day changed anu ready for her job, Anuj think himself getting late to meet anu.

Anupama 8th December 2021 Written Episode

At home kinjal comes to toshu and asking to are you going to meet mom. Toshu nothing said to his wife and kinjal said my mom said correct. Toshu getting angry on shouts on kinjal in front of samar and leela. Shah listen kinjal and tosh conversation. Samar asking to kinjal, toshu please don’t behave like in the morning. Vanraj shouts on them. Hasmukh, leela shocked to seen between kinjal, shah. After that shah said to toshu no need to meet rakhi and i will try to search a job for you. Hasmukh plays a game of ludo with kavya while vanraj attends an important meeting. Elsewhere anuj meets with an accident