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Anupama 5 September 2023 Written Update (Pakhi Defends Adhik)

Anupama 5 September 2023 Written Update For You. Spoiler for today episode begins with anupama, adhik conversation. Anupama comes to adhik room, said to him your tricks, badness hide from my daughter but not from my sight. Suddenly pakhi enter between anupama, adhik conversation and informed to her mom it’s wrong and you done more. Then anupama said to her daughter you’re speaking wrong time and coudn’t speak out where needed.

Then Pakhi said we are together and you want we are happy and you are trying to separate us. At that time anupama trying to say something but pakhi informed to her mom if you are not stop interfering in my marriage life then i will do something that you will have nothing than repentance. When pakhi speaking with her mom adhik smiles what his wife done for him. For Upcoming Episode Spoiler stay tuned with zeal study web portal. In previous episode kavya bursts out after facing leela’s rudeness towards her. Elsewhere, Romil gets taken aback as pakhi discovers the briefcase in his room.

Anupama 5 September 2023 Written Update

Episode Number 1034
Air On StarPlus, Hotstar
Previous Episode Air On 4 September 2023

Anupama 5 September 2023 Written Update provided shortly. Stay tuned with the web portal. Adhik said to romil this time you save but next time no one saves you. After that all are went their rooms. Romil remembered his father words and crying and said him self i am not thief. At that time anupama comes to romil i know you are not a thief. Romil asking to anupama how do you know. Anupama said when we discussing about police adhik, barkha feels tension.

After that romil asking to if i am not a thief you know who theft the money. Anupama says we don’t have the evidence and informed to romil go and drink some water in your room. Anupama identifies adhik feels tension and drink water. After that given sweet to adhik, adhik asking to anupama why. Anupama says you identify the thief and informed to him ghar ki servants informed to me everything. Once listen anupama words adhik feels tension.

After that adhik says my sister said no staff in our home. Anupama says ok good, barkha informed to you where is the money and pakhi can not informed to us money gets from romil room. At that time pakhi comes to anupama said to her why you comes between wife and husband. Anupama shocked and said i think you are a fool and you don’t know what happen. But pakhi can’t listen anything and leave from their. Adhik smiles and asking to her this matter over from here and you seen how pakhi angry on you.

Anupama says i am not pakhi and i am her mother and i seen you what done with my daughter and romil, please be aware what you are doing because game is on. At home leela asking to family members because of rakhi we are all wake up early. Toshu asking leela pakhi come to here. Leela said i call to her. At that time dimpy says if adhik come here i will tie rakhi here. Vanraj said he his not come here. Dimpy says i am treat adhik is my brother. Vanraj said if you treat adhik as your brother go to his home and tie rakhi. At that time kinjal says i will prepare kheer, kavya says carrot halwa.

Anupama said to anuj when we ready to informed to police both adhik and bharkha behaves. Anuj said both barkha and adhik our family members. At room barkha informed to his brother if anupama find us they throw us from this house. Adhik asking to his sister please be relax. Barkhas said i feel tension. To know what happen in next episode stay tuned with zeal study.