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Anupama 3 August 2023 Written Update For Episode 1002

Anupama 3 August 2023 Written Update For Episode 1002. In front of all the family members barkha asking to anupama please said to me open heartedly if this boy was anuj’s illegitimate child instead of ankush’s would you let him stay in this house?. When barkha shouts in front of the family members anupama shocked and don’t event try to speaking with barkha. Anuj also shocked seen barkha behavior with anupama.

Other hand vanraj listen barkha conversation and shouts no way, Barkha. Kavya shocked and think herself once dreamed her situation. Anupama thinking why vanraj speaking like this. Then Vanraj said you accepted your husband’s betrayal and that in itself is a big deal. Also vanraj said since he is not your child he is not your responsibility. Kavya, Anupama shocked to listen conversation with Barkha. To know what happen next episode stay tuned with zeal study web portal.

In previous episode Anupama seen vanraj standing outside the room. At the same time kavya questions vanraj about his quietness. Before that after learning the truth, Anupama reprimands kavya for her act. Kavya accepts her guilt but anupama urges her to tell the truth to vanraj.